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swimming lesson

Step class






AQUATICS - 0 to 5

Parent with Child

*Tues, Thurs, Fri & Sat combines Water Babies and Dippers & Divers

Water Babies ~ 6 - 24 mos.
Introduces babies to the pool.

Dippers & Divers ~ 2 - 5 yrs.

This class introduces basic swimming and safety skills.

Skippers  Ages 3 to 5 yrs. 3 Levels 

Child Only - No Parent in Water
All levels offered during each class and may be combined.
Ages 3 - 5 years. Children will learn basic swimming techniques and move toward greater independence while gaining confidence, increasing endurance, and learning swim stroke techniques. Swimmers are challenged and learn about basic water safety. Children with issues listening and following directions should be placed in a Parent/Child Class.


6 to 12

Progressive Lessons

Child Only - No Parent in Water



Our pre-competitive swim team club teaches ages 6 -12 basic instruction in the 4 competitive strokes, starts/racing techniques and tactics. This is a great way to learn about swim team. Also includes competitive dives, turns, and stroke development.
Meets will be scheduled against local swim clubs. Must complete Guppy I level to participate.

Polliwog & Guppy I
Ages 6 - 12 years. Basic skills and safety are taught. No previous experience is necessary. Increase confidence in deeper water with personal survival skills, learn the front crawl and basic back stroke.

Guppy II & Minnow
Ages 6 - 12 years. Must be able to swim the front crawl with rotary breathing for one length of the pool. Will learn side stroke and improve previous strokes while developing endurance.


Ages 6 - 12 years. Children must be able to swim the front crawl, back crawl and elementary backstroke non-stop. Swimmers learn the breast stroke and increase endurance in all strokes.


Flying Fish & Shark
Ages 6 - 12 years. Children must be able to swim all 5 strokes for 200 yard medley. Will learn butterfly stroke, rescue skills, and increase strength and endurance.


15 +

Private Swim Lessons Private Swim Lessons for Adults and Kids

All Levels are offered as scheduled by the Aquatic Director. Private lessons are arranged as needed. Small group lessons also available. For prices or to schedule lessons, call 773-3646, ext. 427.