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Water Fitness Class (Level 1 & 2)
Utilizes the buoyant qualities of water to enhance overall physical fitness, without added stress and strain on the joints. This class increases physical strength and endurance and is appropriate for swimmers and non-swimmers. Deep or shallow water.
Water Therapy I
For newcomers and those deciding whether water therapy is appropriate. This class meets twice a week.

Aquatics Pilates

This 45-minute water workout focuses on the correct alignment of the spine, improving flexibility, balance and movement while strengthening the core muscles of the abdomen and back


Balance & Stretch

This gentle and relaxing stretch movement class includes a component to help maintain flexibility and balance of your core.


Basic Strength Training:
Boost your metabolic rate and self-esteem while improving joint stability, posture and increasing your strength. The instructor will develop a personalized program to fit your needs. Weights as low as two to five pounds can be used.

Beginner Cardio

New to Group Exercise? Come learn the basics in this class.

Cardiac Rehab/Prescribe The Y

This dedicated time-slot in our FitLife Center is for those who have suffered a heart attack, CAD or have several risk factors (morbid obesity, smoker, family history, DMII) than can be positively affected by participation in a regular exercise program. Participants are encouraged to progress at their own pace by focusing on cardiovascular endurance and resistance training with an Exercise Trainer providing instruction, guidance and motivation. Focus on building and enhancing functional capacities, while you develop realistic health-related expectations and receive effective social support. Free for Facility Members but space is limited.

First Step Fitness 
Designed to meet your needs, this 12-week program starts slow, then moves into strength exercise, with gentle support from our friendly, positive trainers. And once you’ve begun a new habit through FSF, you can move up to Y-Boost.

Group Active

This isn’t your old Group Active anymore, look for new style in Oct. Basic step, strength training, balance and flexibility workouts! This is a great class for new to intermediate exercisers.

Group Power

Long bar-bell class that strengthens all your major muscles. Geared towards the beginner or the active senior participant. 30 minutes.

Flexibility Challenge

This class offers flexibility training to tone and stretch the muscles. A gentle mat workout, this class is appropriate for all adults, even those with some physical limitations. 30 minutes


Yoga unifies body, mind and spirit; increases flexibility and mobility; and teaches stress-relieving tools. All levels are welcome.


Move to the music in exercises designed to increase muscular strength, range of movement, and activity for daily living skills. Hand-held weights, elastic tubing and a ball are used for resistance; chairs can be used for support.

Life Style Management/Prescribe The Y

For individuals living with the effects of chronic disease. Conditions such as CVD, COPD, Parkinson’s Disease, MS, diabetes or those who have suffered a heart attack or stroke will benefit from this class. Call Dawn at 773-3646 ext 428 for a free consultation.


Walk Franklin County Program

A free walking program to help reduce our county’s incidence of health problems due to poor physical exercise. 
This program aims to encourage people of all ages and abilities to become more active. With its focus on walking, it is designed for participants to use pedometers to track and report their steps. Milestones provide reachable goals for everyone to get moving. Maps, safety information and other helpful ideas are incorporated on the website. This is a partnership with Baystate/Franklin Medical Center, Franklin County Chamberof Commerce, Franklin Regional Council of Government and Greenfield Community College.Visit: walkfranklincounty.org for information.


Tai Chi

Known for its slow, fluid movements, the central premise is to integrate the mind and body. It has been shown to promote balance, flexibility, muscular strength, cardiovascular fitness and increase levels of psychological well-being and reduction of anxiety/stress.