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Parent- Child Classes

Parent & Child Gym-Swim
Class begins in the Gymnastics Center (45 min), with different activities to enhance gross motor skills, balance and coordination. Then join us for a 30 min swim where parents help children become oriented to the pool and feel comfortable in the water.

Parent Child Gym Classes
A fun way to give your child a good start on balance, spatial awareness, and coordination. Exploration is encouraged for you and your child with a fun transition to circle time at the end of the class. Each session will have specific goals for you and your child to strive towards. This is a great program for grandparents who are caregivers to young, energetic grandchildren. Swimming (Little Tots) can be added to these classes for a discount, please see page 18 for days and times.

Water Babies ~ 6 - 24 mos.
This parent & child class introduces babies to the pool.
Water adjustment and fun are the primary goals of this class.

Dippers & Divers ~ 2 - 5 yrs.
This class introduces basic swimming and safety skills.

This is both a great follow-up to the Water Babies class or an appropriate prerequisite to the Skippers class.