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Y Policies

Parking Policy
Please only park in the Y’s lots while you are using the YMCA (not when you are shopping, using the library or court house etc.). You must have a current Y-Parking Pass (with your license plate number on it). To ensure enough parking spaces please abide by our 2.5 hour time limit. After 5 pm, Monday - Saturday, and all day Sunday, parking in the town lots and on the street is free.


Our Main Street upper lot has 11 parking spaces, four require a state handicapped permit; seven require a Y handicapped permit. Restrictions apply to accommodate our many participants with physical limitations.

Note: Any person with a state handicap permit can park in any metered street spot for free. If you are more mobile and have a state handicap permit, please try to park on Main Street and leave the Y lot for those less mobile.


Have some quarters in your car, so you don’t miss a workout.
Our free lots may be full at times...be prepared to park on Main Street or in the town’s parking lots.

Insurance Statement

 Our Y does not provide accident insurance for injuries sustained during Y activities. Members and Program Associates participate in programs and use the facility at their own risk, and are encouraged to have personal medical insurance coverage.

Special Needs Policy 

 Every person, regardless of special need, is welcome to register for Y programs. At the time of registration, if a child’s particular needs appear not to be met by our standard program, a meeting will take place between the parents/guardian and the supervising Program Director. At that meeting the child’s needs must be detailed and a written plan generated indicating what changes in program, routine or setting would accommodate those needs. The plan will be reviewed by the Executive Director to determine if it would pose a hardship. Whenever possible, adaptations will be made, but if an undue hardship would be imposed to accommodate the special needs, the parents will be informed in writing within one week of the initial meeting. In such a case the parents/guardian may appeal the decision directly to the Massachusetts Office for Children for Licensed Programs, or the A.D.A. for other programs. Adults with special needs may bring care providers to attend to them in classes or exercise areas. Every attempt will be made to help everyone fit in. In situations where behavior disrupts the general atmosphere, a Program Director will speak with the care provider about behavior modifications or another choice of programming.

Sliding Fee 

 The Y does not deny participation due to lack of funds. While participants are expected to pay their share of operating costs, sliding fees and/or work trade may be obtained by completing a Sliding Fee application. The amount of aid is determined by household size and income. Adults may receive from 20% to 70% in assistance for membership and programs. Children can receive up to 80% in aid. The sources of these funds are the Y’s Annual Sustaining Campaign, our annual “Kids to Camp” Golf Tournament and the United Way of Franklin County.

Member Feedback Policy
We welcome and encourage constructive and positive feedback.
The following communication options are available to all Y members.
1. Leave a note in the suggestion box.
2. Send an email to info@ymcaingreenfield.org or fill out one of the short surveys on the home page of the website.
3. Leave a written message at the Welcome Center.
4. Call the Program Director in charge of the issue. (See page 2)
5. Call the Executive Director if you are unhappy with the staff response.
6. Write a letter to our Membership or Program Committee if you are unhappy with the response from the Executive Director. These committees will review and discuss your suggestion. If a policy change is needed or recommended it will go to the Board of Directors.

Please follow these procedures and your concerns and suggestions will be carefully evaluated. We will implement change where space, finances, schedule and Y policy allow. If you wish to have a personal response, please include your name and contact information.