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Step class






Water Rehab/Therapy 
This is an opportunity for adult facility members to use half the pool for individual exercising.Water walking, jogging or stretching. Individuals needing help entering or exiting the water must bring their own assistant.

Beginner Water Therapy II

We offer a program for ANYONE in need of orthopedic rehabilitation. No referral or prescription from your doctor or therapist is needed. This class meets three times a week.

Lifestyle Management

For individuals living with the effects of chronic disease. Conditions such as CVD, COPD, Parkinson’s Disease, MS, diabetes or those who have suffered a heart attack or stroke will benefit from this class. Call Dawn at 773-3646 ext 428 for a free consultation.

Cardiac Rehab/Exercise is Medicine
This dedicated time-slot in our FitLife Center is for those who have suffered a heart attack, CAD or have several risk factors (morbid obesity, smoker, family history, DMII) than can be positively affected by participation in a regular exercise program. Participants are encouraged to progress at their own pace by focusing on cardiovascular endurance and resistance training with an Exercise Trainer providing instruction, guidance and motivation. Focus on building and enhancing functional capacities, while you develop realistic health-related expectations and receive effective social support. Free for Facility Members but space is limited.