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Aquatic Pilates:
is a 45-minute water workout focusing on correct alignment of the spine, improving flexibility, balance and movement while strengthening the core muscles of the abdomen and back (see page 18).

Balance & Stretch:
This gentle and relaxing stretch movement class includes a component to help maintain flexibility and balance at the core (see page 26).
Basic Strength Training: Boost your metabolic rate and self-esteem while improving joint stability, posture and increasing your strength. The instructor will develop a personalized program to fit your needs. Weights as low as two to five pounds can be used (see page 24).

Cardiac Rehab: 
In association with Baystate/Franklin Medical Center, this class offers well-rounded cardiovascular activities using treadmills, bikes and strength-training machines (see page 20).

First Step Fitness: 
Designed to meet your needs, this 12-week program starts slow, then moves into strength exercise, with gentle support from our friendly, positive trainers. And once you’ve begun a new habit through FSF, you can move up to Y-Boost (see page 22).
Flexibility Challenge:  This half-hour class offers flexibility training to tone and stretch muscles. A gentle workout, this class is appropriate for those with some physical limitations (see page 26).

Group Active®: 
All you need in one hour! For cardio, flexibility, balance and strength, this is perfect for those who like the “all-in-one” aspect of this class. (see page 26).

Group Groove®: 
If you can move, you can groove. Enjoy many different dance styles that bring up your cardio level. (see page 26).
New! Chronic Disease Rehab: Combining Cardiac Rehab and Limited Mobility classes into one program, you’ll get more benefit in less time. This program is recommended
for individuals living with the effects of chronic disease
(see page 20). 

SilverSneakers® 1:
Move to the music with exercises to increase strength, range of movement, and activity for daily living. Hand-held weights, tubing and a ball are used; chairs are used for support. (see page 26).

Water Fitness:
Our many aquatic exercise programs
meet your needs, regardless of your swimming skills. We
offer different levels of cardiovascular challenge, utilize
the buoyancy of water to increase strength and endurance without straining the joints, and help keep muscles toned

Water Therapy: 
We have three water therapy classes based on your needs. While Water Therapy I is a physician prescribed program, the other programs are designed for specific orthopedic limitations (see page 18).

Yoga classes teach movement awareness, alignment and breath work. It’s a great low-stress practice for those not inclined to more demanding exercise (see page 26).