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We Help You Develop Healthy Habits

Free Instruction in all our adult workout areas such as the Weight Room, the Farr Fitness Center and the Nautilus Center. Learn the basic principals from correct form to proper progression in
cardio and strength conditioning. Instruction includes individual consultation on seat setting, equipment use as well as basic heart rate and intensity information.

Step 1 of Your Fitness Journey

First Step Fitness! The National Y 12-week First Step Fitness (FSF) Program for "health seekers" is the most successful exercise modification program in the country! Included in your Facility Membership, FSF is a
habit-forming plan for beginning exercisers ages 15 to 95. In our private, comfortable FitLife Center, decorated with interactive wall murals depicting your progress, our supportive trainers teach you how to use the equipment and coach you to achieve your goals at your own pace. You will begin slowly with treadmills and exercise bikes two to three times a week, and move through our strength training stations in phases, with one-on-one training before each stage. This program has a 75 percent or better
success rate.

Step 2 of Your Fitness Journey

Y-Boost! This six-week, second phase program is for those with initial exercise success. The program offers the atmosphere, motivation, skills and guidance necessary to continue the commitment to creating a life-long habit. Y-Boost is for FSF graduates and other exercisers who are ready to
make lifelong changes. Y-Boost provides experienced Wellness Coaches who work with you and
monitor your progress in the supportive atmosphere of the Farr Fitness Center or Nautilus Center.
Nautilus Center

Nautilus, the most effective, progressive resistance exercise program available It promotes increased muscular strength, flexibility and endurance while improving muscle tone and cardiovascular conditioning. In addition to providing all requirements for proper exercise, Y Nautilus is attractive because it takes just 30 minutes three times a week; in every workout you have the potential to isolate and strengthen 80 to 90% of your total muscle groups. Every new member can have up to four sessions with a Wellness Coach and follow-up appointments when needed. Our air-conditioned Nautilus Center includes 30 Nautilus machines, 5 StairMasters, 2 computerized bikes, 9 treadmills, 2 Gravitrons, 4 EFX's, 2 CrossTrainers and a stretching area for a no-wait workout.

Farr Fitness Center
Our 1,700-sq. ft. Farr Fitness Center has 35 strength machines, including an eight-piece Life Fitness selectorized strength-training circuit. Perfect for ages 15 and up, (ages 12 - 14 from 2:30 - 4:30 pm M-F) including those just starting a wellness program to experienced strength trainers. The Center boasts seven treadmills, Airdyne, upright and recumbent bikes, two Expresso bikes, two rowing machines, cross-trainers, elliptical trainers and more.

Basic Strength Training Class
This class is for those 15 and older who want to learn to lift weights. Learn the basics of resistance training in a group atmosphere. Gain self-empowering benefits like boosting your metabolic rate, self-esteem, improving joint stability, posture and strength. The instructor will train you and develop a personalized program to fit your needs. This is great for beginners or those who are intimidated by the free-weight environment.


Tues & Thurs 9:30 - 10:30 am
Fees: (per 8 week session)
Facility Members $28
Program Associates $55