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Teen Fitness

We recognize the need for specialized teen programs.

¬†Recently children have been faced with the pressures from home, school and community while their wellness resources are nearly disappearing, teens need new choices to stay fit and healthy. Teen Boost for ages 12+ (training required), Nautilus and training for ages 14+ with Nautilus Membership, Weight Training for ages 15+, and dedicated Farr Fitness Center hours (2:30-4 pm) for teens ages 12-14 who are at least 5’ tall. Our Weight Room and Farr Fitness Center are open to individuals 15+.¬†¬†
Training is required for weight lifting and recommended for strength training. Facility Membership includes FSF, Boost, and recreational use of the Weight and Fitness rooms. For training appointments, visit the Welcome Center. Children 11+ with a parent can work out anytime with supervision.

Choose a program that will enhance your teen’s physical fitness!


Parkour II - 11 - 17 YEARS

This is a great class for younger kids / kids coming out of the Superhero Training class. Emphasis on conditioning for strength and endurance while learning Parkour basics.





Open Gym 15 +

Get some Y members together and play basketball games, practice your skills or just shoot some hoops in our gym. No matter what your level is, beginner to expert we have a court for you. We have full court play or two half courts depending on the day and time.