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Youth Sports


We provide programs which prepare kids to be winners, not only in sports but in life.
The core Y values of Caring, Honesty, Respect and Responsibility are integral to each program. Qualified coaches teach and adhere to the “Seven Pillars of Y Youth Sports”. 1. Everyone Plays. 2. Safety First. 3. Fair Play. 4. Positive Competition. 5. Family Involvement. 6. Sport for All. 7. Sport for Fun.

Preschool Sports Ages 3-5
This energetic class teaches kids to play as a group and interact as teammates. Cooperative group games, running tag games and a 15-minute introduction to a sport like basketball, pillo floor hockey, soccer, or the climbing wall. 

Preschool Indoor T-Ball Ages 4-5
Introduces new players to the sport and helps seasoned players improve their skills.


Basketball Skills & Drills
Ages 4 - 12 ~ This program introduces girls and boys to the FUNdamentals of basketball. Skills include: shooting, passing, dribbling and teamwork.


Youth Co-Ed League Ages 9-12

This instructional recreational league is for those who want to further their skills. Active practices and developing playing styles in competitive games will refine players’ skills. One weekly practice along with Saturday regulation games. Skill evaluation will be held December 7, 2013. League runs through February 22, 2014.

Fall/Spring PreSchool Soccer  Ages 4 & 5
PreSchoolers learn the game of soccer.
Both indoors and out (see schedule) this fun and stimulating environment focuses on cooperation, teamwork and sportsmanship while challenging developing skills and building self-confidence.


Fall/Spring Soccer Leagues
Ages 6-8, 9-12
This league teaches and reinforces basic skills.

 Kicking, passing and dribbling is taught to younger and newer players, while coaching advanced players to bring their skills to the next level, learning defensive and offensive strategies and advanced passing and dribbling techniques.


Flag Football Ages 6 to 12

Learn basic skills such as passing, catching, and running with the ball, also play development, running and passing routes. At GCC Campus.


Baseball Skills

Work on your skills of catching, throwing, hitting and fielding.
Starts March 4, 2014 and runs through April 1, 2014.

Kid-Fit Center
With   youth-sized strength training, cardio equipment and entertaining interactive gaming/workout systems! Our Kid-Fit Center is the perfect place for your children to get their exercise AND play while you work out in other parts of the facility.  The Kid-Fit staff is top-notch and looking forward to getting to know your kids. Wouldn’t it be great if your kids were begging you to go to the Y? “Please Mom, can I go to Kid-Fit today? Pleeeaaase?”  Lay the foundation for an active, healthy lifestyle and your kids will continue these habits. It is mandatory that all kids using the Kid-Fit Center complete training on the equipment and electronic exer-games. Training appointments can be made at the Welcome Center.


Dance Dance Revolution®
This blood-pumping video game helps with childhood obesity.
Kids are having a blast with this fun workout, a great enhancement to any PhysEd plan. One dancer plays the game while three others practice moves on practice pads. DDR is a hit for kids who aren’t the type for traditional workouts or team sports. Note: Kid-Fit has a room limit of 16.

Healthy Kids Day

April date TBA Free and open to the public!
Kids ages 6 - 12  can try our KidFit work outs, play lots of fun games and compete in fitness competitions. Event check in begins at 12 pm. Prizes, snacks and of course... FUN!